Paramedical Council established in the State to regulate Teaching and Training Programme and the practice by Paramedical Practitioners and Institutions.Paramedical Council come into force with effect from 12th of Nov, 2013.For the Information / Benefit of the students this arrangement of installing website of Jammu and Kashmir Paramedical Council is made

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Examination Process for
Paramedical Professionals

  • The Paramedical Council is conducting Annual and Biannual Exams of the various Paramedical Streams in the month of September - October & April - May respectively

  • as per the instructions conveyed in Calender of activities issued by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir Health and Medical Education Department vide Govt. Order No 691 H&ME of 2017 dt 22/12/2017 and the result of the students who appeared in the Exam is also being declared as per the schedule mentioned in Calender of activities.
  • Laws, Regulations and Rules passed under J&K Paramedical Council Act 2014 under section 18 subclause 1 & 2 envisages the powers, functions of the Council.
  • Among others one of the functions defined under Section 2 sub clause i and n is pertaining to conduct of the Examination of Paramedical Courses.

  • (i) to lay down norms and standards for courses, curricula, physical and instructional facilities, staff pattern, staff qualification, quality institutions assignment examination and continuing medical education.

  • (n) to constitute or authorise a Board for conducting the examination and to maintain uniformity of standards.

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Courses Offered by J&K Paramedical Council

  • A science that deals with pre-hospital emergency services is called Paramedical science; and a person working in this field is referred to as a paramedic. ... Many paramedical institutes offer courses in the field of Para - Medicine, at degree and diploma levels. Some of the popular paramedical courses are given below.

  • Paramedical courses are usually related to the allied healthcare sector. These courses are just as useful and job oriented as the courses directly related to the field of healthcare (nursing, medicine and pharmacy).

  • Paramedical courses trains students and turns them into skilled and qualified allied healthcare workers and technicians. Along with Doctors and Nurses, allied healthcare workers also play an integral role in the smooth functioning of the healthcare industry in India.

    1. X-Ray Technician
    2. Anesthesia Assistant
    3. Female Multipurpose Health Worker (FMPHW)
    4. Male Multipurpose Health Worker (MMPHW)
    5. Laboratory Assistant
    6. Medical Assistant / Pharmacist
    7. Operation Theatre Technician (OTT)
    8. EEG Tech.
    9. Sanitary Inspector
    10. Dental Assistant
    11. Diploma in Pharmacy (D-Pharmacy)
    12. B-Pharmacy
    13. Bachelor Lab. Tech (BLT)
    14. Physiotherapist
    15. Physiotherapy / Occupational Therapy Course
    16. Speech Therapy Course
    17. Audiologist
    18. Laboratory Technician
    19. X-Ray Technician / Radiographer
    20. BCG Technicians
    21. Cyto Technicians
    22. Ortho Technicians
    23. Mould Room Technicians
    24. Gamma Camera Technicians
    25. Orffiotic Technicians
    26. Optonictrist
    27. Orthotic and Contact lens.
    28. ECG Technicians
    29. Ultrasound
    30. Angiography
    31. Opertion Theatre Technicians
    32. Degree, Diploma and Certified in Human Nutrition
    33. Dialysis Technicians
    34. Insulation Theatre Technicians.
    35. Health Inspector Course
    36. Hospital Medical Record Science
    37. Compunder (Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Unani and Homoeopathy)
    38. Compunder in Biochemic System of Medicine.
    39. Diploma in Clinical Biochemistry
    40. Microbiology
    41. Pathology
    42. Optonicui Refraction.
    43. Paramedical Opthalmic Assistant.
    44. Perfusionist / Cardiacn Surgery Technicians
    45. Cath. Lab. Technician
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Prof.(Dr) Masood Tanvir

Principal & Dean Government Medical College Srinagar
President J&K Paramedical Council Government Medical College Srinagar
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Dr Ashutosh Gupta

Principal & Dean Government Medical College Jammu ,
Vice-President J&K Paramedical Council Government Medical College Jammu
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Prof.(Dr) A.S.Bhatia

HOD Department of Biochemistry Government Medical College Jammu
Controller of Examinations J&K Paramedical Council Government Medical College Jammu
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Dr Sandeep Singh

Registrar J&K Paramedical Council Government Medical College Jammu / Srinagar